Lighting Energy Saving / Audit

A Lighting Energy Audit is a study of your building’s lighting energy usage. The aim of the audit is to:

  1. Reduce your lighting energy costs
  2. Reduce your lighting maintenance costs
  3. Improve the productivity, safety and comfort of your employees
  4. Prolong the life of equipment and machinery on your premises

The Lighting Audit will be conducted by a lighting energy auditor from our team who will visit your building and account for all current lighting energy uses, determines areas needing lighting improvement and develops a formalized plan to reduce lighting energy and maintenance costs while improving the working environment through better lighting.

As you are aware the electricity fees increased in the past and are expected to continue increasing in the future.  This creates a need for more efficient usage of energy to enable the maximum energy saving potential.  Therefore, we would like to offer you a Lighting Energy Audit to provide you with the best method to reduce your consumption and save energy.

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