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Al-Ansari Lights has been in the lighting industry since 1968, giving us unparalleled knowledge and experience. This allows us to offer our clients the best products in both quality and value. Our goal is to offer an unsurpassed client experience. We hope to encourage our customers and consultants to seek us out, simply because we offer the best. The Al-Ansari team is competent, easy to deal with and dependable in every aspect. We are and have always been a progressive company and a leader in the lighting industry.

Family Business:

Al-Ansari Lights was established In 1968 by Ahmed Al-Ansari. Abdul Jalil Al-Ansari. Ebrahim Al-Ansari, and Late Abdullah Al-Ansari. These four brothers were able to envision a bright future in the lighting industry and began Al-Ansari Lights establishing itself as the longest enduring and most reputable lighting company here in their beloved home country, Bahrain. To this day the Al-Ansari Lights Company is still being managed by its original founder, along with the next generation of the family members Abdul Karim and Deena. Collectively the management team has an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience built on its successes over the past decodes, blended with today’s modern concepts. All members of the family continue to provide support to each other and shore their understanding for an even stronger organization.

A Family Business History

The story of the Al-Ansari family business goes back to 1904 when the late Abdul Karim Ahmed Al-Ansari established his family business in a small shop in the old town of Muharraq, selling products ranging from groceries to hardware.

Inspired by their fathers, Al-Ansari brothers Ahmed Al-Ansari, Abdul Jalil Al-Ansari, Ebrahim Al-Ansari, and Late Abdullah Al-Ansari established Al-Ansari Lights in 1968 as a lighting products distributor and retailer for the Bahraini market. Since its inception and through present day the business has shown growth in both market share and product range.

The Al-Ansari family illuminated the path by pioneering the lighting industry in Bahrain. They founded the market with innovative products; supplying a full range of indoor and outdoor luminaries within all categories from decorative lights to specialized lighting systems.

Today Al-Ansari Lights has become a known and recognized business leader in the lighting industry with a full range of product lines and services including retail sales, project sales and lighting design solutions as well as energy solutions.

Now, three generations later, the Al-Ansari family is the foremost lighting distributor in Bahrain and is continuing to expand and grow.

Our Values

Al-Ansari Lights believes in providing value and quality in all of our products. Every product must meet our standards, which means we must be able to put our name on it and stand behind it. We believe in providing superior service for an extraordinary customer experience that goes beyond just the sale. We believe our customers should be so satisfied with our products and services, should get their products in a timely fashion and feel they can depend on us.

Since 1968, we have built a strong reputation as both a pioneer and leader in the lighting industry. We believe that maintaining and developing what has been cultivated is essential.

Our Vision

It is our ambition to continue being the first choice in lighting. We are and have always been a reliable lighting supplier, providing clients the best in quality, service and value, all of which you can always depend on. We aim to develop our business to serve all lighting needs, from providing the latest lighting products to customer focused services, maintenance and electrical servicing. Our goal is to be the place to go for everything lighting.

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